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Guided walks, mountain leading, Duke of Edinburgh supervision and assessments


Combining the natural therapeutic effects of the outdoors with talking therapy.


Learn how to motivate yourself, easily and quickly, with my ebook, ‘How To Do What You Don’t Want To Do’.

About George

Mountain Leader, NLP Hypnotherapist

Ever since my dad took me to rugby at the age of 6 (because he saw that I loved falling over and getting dirty), I've been a lover of the outdoors, training and learning about myself and other animals. I started learning about human development back when I was about 15 and have been learning ever since; whilst I continue to collect qualifications and certificates, that only represents the official development! There's not a day goes by that I haven't learned something new about my fields of interest. In the last few years I've worked more and more outdoors, but you'll still find me helping people change, grow and feel better from my hypnotherapy practice. My current focus' are on 'Clean Language', 'Solution Focused Therapy' and adventure therapy. Come and see me as a hypnotherapist in Kendal or get me to work in the outdoors, I'm just as at home in my home or in a field!


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